WZP2-24SA PT100 Explosion proof platinum resistance by yoyik

Date:2021/4/27 15:05:34 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 The industrial explosion-proof platinum resistance is a kind of temperature sensor, which is widely used in the industrial automatic control system. Through the temperature sensor, the temperature parameters of the control object can be turned into electrical signals, which can be transmitted to the display, recording and regulating instruments to detect, regulate and control the system.

In chemical plants and production sites, there are always various explosive, flammable and other chemical gases and vapors. If ordinary platinum resistance is used, it is very unsafe and easy to cause environmental gas explosion. Therefore, in these occasions, explosion-proof platinum resistance must be used as temperature sensor, The flame-proof platinum resistance products produced by our factory are suitable for the places with explosive gas danger in the temperature range of dIIBT4°ędIICT6.
Generator stator cooling water filter SGLQ-600A
Power Supply Module  
LVDT Position Sensor  
Speed card  
Handle Main Stop & Control Valve
Pulse Amplification and Detection Card
spiral wound gasket
RTD temperature probe  WZPK2-336
Screwed Pipe
Fuse XRNT1-7.2-125A
Filter Element 
Lock washer GB854-88
cleaning agent ZOK27
Blades Lever Set And Tumbler Set Of Fd Fan (G)
Signal Acquisition Card