industrial monitor rotational speed measurement SZC-04 by yoyik

Date:2021-4-2 14:12:27 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 SZC-04 series intelligent tachometer is a digital display instrument with intelligent design. It has the characteristics of high precision, stable performance, strong anti-interference, high reliability and simple operation. Users can configure the parameters such as the number of teeth, transmission coefficient and alarm value on site.

SZC-04 series tachometer includes five models: SZC-04 / SZC-04B / SZC-04BG / SZC-04F / SZC-04FG, which is suitable for measuring the speed of steam turbine, water pump and fan. SZC-04F/ SZC-04FG can monitor the reverse speed (two-way sensor signal is required
"Gasket of Bellows Globe Valve KHWJ15F-1.6P
Turbine Rotation Speed Monitor  HZQS-02A
Supporting Board 162YR41-13
Excitation System Display Screen  
Spiral wound gasket ASME B16.20
Bladder NXQ-A-10/20 FY
Hanging screw
Bolt Heater  HY-GYY-1.2-380V/3
Impeller of Oil Vapor Exhauster Set
Feed Pump Power Card   
LVDT Position Sensor  HL-6-200-15
EPRO PR6423/011-000
Semi-coupling (fan side) 3201.2 U150/3ZT
Filter servo manifold CV, MSV, RSV, ICV C6004L16587
Cooling Sealing fan assembly for Booster Fan TY900600 T9
LVDT Position Sensor   
spiral wound gasket งถ50.5*33.5*4.5
Rotation Speed Sensor  CS-3F
Overspeed Protection Card   
Cooling water filter element stator MF - DH1 MSL-125