YOYIK supply Rotation Speed Probe of BFP CS-3-M16-L185

Date:2021/2/23 10:09:43 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

               YOYIK supply Rotation Speed Probe of BFP CS-3-M16-L185

The Rotation Speed Probe of BFP CS-3-M16-L185 has the advantages of small size, high precision, stable performance, good reliability and long service life. When the ambient temperature of the power plant is 80 ~ 120 , the steam turbine can be operated continuously for one overhaul cycle without replacement and maintenance. 

It can be equipped with extension cable. If you need it, please negotiate and order in advance.



It is suitable for measuring the stroke of main steam valve, valve opening, high pressure cylinder, medium pressure cylinder and low pressure cylinder. It can also be used in valve opening measurement, displacement measurement and automatic control in other industries.

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Micro Plate Heat Exchanger D62-80
Micro switch E19-00A
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1E-012 0-275
Probe CWY-DO-810301
LVDT Position Sensor HTD-50-6
Rotation Speed Probe CS-1
LVDT Position Sensor  
displacement sensor (lvdt) for rsv  TDZ-1E-03
Thermal resistance WZPM-201 PT100 8000mm Φ4*25
Gap Power Supply
Probe CWY-DO-812504
Pressure Switch 
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1E-01
Turbine TSI Safety Monitor A6120
Gauge transmitter 3051TG1A2B21AB4M5
steam turbine bolt heater  
Differential pressure transmitter 3051DP2A62A1BM5B4HR5
Sensor TDZ-1G-41 0-52MM
Rotation Speed Sensor 330103-00-05-10-01-00
Guide Vane Opening
LVDT HL-6-250-15
Double thermal resistance 
Limit switch ZHS40-4-N-03
Electromegnatic valve (GOV) MFZ2-3C
steam turbine bolt heater  
Flat Key SR-102V
Gap Sensor Cable