Air side AC Recirculating oil pump Screw Pump HSNH280-43NZ

Date:2021/1/18 18:03:33 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

         Air side AC Recirculating oil pump Screw Pump HSNH280-43NZ

Construction performance of HSN screw pump:

The traditional high-pressure balance technique is abandoned and the axial force balance of drive and driven screws at low-pressure is adopted, with even stress distribution deformation of screw not easy, reliable and stable operation, no impulse, and low noise


The pump is in a simple and compact structure and the pump core assembly is in assembly construction. Therefore, the pump core can be taken out as a whole, which is convenient for maintenance.


The traditional inlet and outlet positions are changed to that the inlet and outlet are located at both sides of the pump but in a straight line, resulting into a pleasing appearance;


Various mounting available, to meet different mounting requirements in the working conditions:


The valve equipped on the product can provide transient protection to the pump, to prevent overload.


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filter STXX-63*40
filter HX.BH-25*20Q
gas turbine actuator filter  
oil filter Q2U-E630*30FS
Resin Filter  
filter STZX2-25*20
oil filter WUI-A40*60S
filter HX.BH-63*3W
filter 0500R003BN3HC/-V
filter HX-160*5Q
filter TZX2-250*10Q3
oil filter WUI-A63*100S
MSV\CV\RCV actuator working filter  
filter NX-630*1
filter HBX-40*30
actuator inlet filter (working)  
filter SFBX-250*3
filter HX.BH-800*20
oil filter CFRI-250*5
oil filter Q2U-A63*10BS
oil filter GY93-25*40
filter SFBX-630*10
filter HX-160*1W
filter JWUX-250*100
filter TZX2I-10*40
filter HX.BH-800*5
filter SFAX-250-10