Steam Turbine Hydraulic AST Solenoid Valve AM-501-1-0148

Date:2020/12/17 9:13:49 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

In normal operation, the AST solenoid valve is energized and closed to make the main pipe build up oil pressure. This oil pressure makes the cup-shaped slide valve of the quick unloading valve in the main and speed control steam valve actuators in the closed position, thereby closing the oil drain hole of the oil motive, so that the oil motive can build up oil pressure, and the valve can be opened or adjusted.


Seal kit NXQ AB100/10-L

profile seal 604/590*8.9

vacuum pump mechanical seal P-2811

Active power multifunction measuring transducer S3(T)-RD-3ATS-165A4GY

solenoid valve 

300MW turbine DC Emergency pump angular contact ball bearing 70YB-45

SPIRAL WOUND GASKET D.304.G.6, 3.28.4, 5. (, 5)

Servo valve 761K4122


bellows globe valve WJ15F1.6P

mechanical seal YCZ50-250C

Pole Wedge 22mm 

Adapter plate F002JAN007D151


trip solenoid valve 722F32

Spiral wound gasket ASME B16.20

main bearing sealing set GU13832

unloading valve YJM-133B

pipe joint assembly  

Rotational speed sensor thermal expansion monitor DF9032 MaxA

pressure hose S110-AC-AC-0500

Vent piping YOT51-20-00

non-return valve Z1S10P

oil pump PVH141R13AF30A230000002001AB01

Steam turbine actuator servo valve 743F-003A

Check valve (clip type) 216C40


Lubrication Station regulating valve A10VS0100DFR/31RPPC12N00


pressure hose S110-AC-AL-0020

O ring φ11.8*1.8/HN9423

stainless steel globe throttle check valve (welded) LJC65-1.6P

globe check valve (welded) JC65-1.6P

reducer motor 30-WS

Ast/Opc Solenoid Valve Coil 300AA00086A