Power Plant RTD WZP2-24SA Supplied by Dongfang yoyik

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                   Power Plant RTD WZP2-24SA Supplied by Dongfang yoyik

The RTD WZP2-24SA is a kind of temperature sensor, which is widely used in industrial automatic control system. Through the temperature sensor, the temperature parameters of the control object can be transformed into electrical signals, which can be transmitted to the display, recording and regulating instruments to detect, adjust and control the system.

In chemical plants and production sites, there are often various explosive, flammable and other chemical gases and vapors. If ordinary platinum resistance is used, it is very unsafe and easy to cause environmental gas explosion. Therefore, explosion-proof thermal resistance must be used as temperature sensor in these occasions.


The junction box (shell) of explosion-proof thermal resistance adopts special explosion-proof structure in design. The junction box is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and has enough internal space, wall thickness and mechanical strength. The thermal stability of rubber seal ring meets the national explosion-proof standard. Therefore, when the explosive gas mixture inside the junction box explodes, its internal pressure will not damage the junction box The heat energy can not be diffused and propagated outwards.


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Probe CS-3-M16-L185
Limit Switch
Probe 330104-00-04-10-02-00
POSITIONER VALVE V18345-1010521001
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1G-04
Speed monitor display instrument SJK-B
SENSOR LVDT FOR IV (intercept valve) HL-6-200-15
Liquid level meter UT-81
Signal Instruction Card 
Zener barrier E-BAY YB987H
Probe CWY-DO-812510
Tracking Opening GZK-1010
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1B-04
TSI Vibration Module 3300/6514-01-00-00-01-00
Bearing Outlet Temperature Measuring Element WSSP-481
Sensor measures position of gap insert APH
Exciter Cabinet Gauge 3BHB006943R0001
Speed sensor 70085-1010-214
Speed display unit DF9011 Pro
Synchronized acquisition module
steam turbine bolt heater 
Differential pressure switch CMS-111 0~0.6MPa
Bearing Forward Temperature Thermal Resistance 
LVDT Displacement Sensor 
LVDT Position Sensor 
Bimetallic thermometer WSS-481 0
100 φ6×75 M27×2
RTD temperature probe WZPK2-336
Signal Board