Dongfang yoyik supply carbon brush J164 21*31*65

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                Dongfang yoyik supply carbon brush J164 21*31*65


A carbon brush is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part in a motor or generator, and, as regards DC machines, ensuring a spark-free commutation. The Carbon Brush is fitted in a brush holder which is designed to hold it in the correct position and allow the brush to run on the surface of the commutator or slip ring (collector) to transfer that currrent at optimum performance.

Features of high quality carbon brushes:

Appearance: appropriate chamfer, standardized structure. The cross-section and length of the wire meet the requirements, and there are no loose, falling, broken, falling edges, corners, and clamps.


Long service life without wearing the commutator or slip ring. No scratches, unevenness, ablation, or drawing to the commutator.

Good commutation and current collecting properties to control the spark within the allowable range. Small energy loss.

Quickly forms a uniform, moderate and stable oxide film on the surface of commutator or collector ring in operation.

Not too hot, noisy and damaged in operation. Braids will not discolor or ablate.

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solenoid valve D1VW020BVZP92XB510
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AC reciprocating pump A10VSO100DR/32R-VPB12N00
solenoid valve 4WE6D6X/EG24NZ4
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