Thermal Expansion Sensor TD-2-A02 supplied by yoyik

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                           Thermal Expansion Sensor TD-2-A02 supplied by yoyik

The TD-2-A02 thermal expansion sensor is mainly used to measure the expansion displacement of the steam turbine cylinder, and can complete the remote transmission indication, alarm, constant current output and other functions of the thermal expansion displacement in cooperation with the thermal expansion monitor.


Installation instructions

1.Before installation, the power must be connected. Check whether the local indication of the sensor is consistent with the scale of the secondary thermal expansion meter to check whether it deviates from the original factory adjustment value during transportation.

2.The sensor can be installed at any position, but cannot be close to the strong magnetic field or strong current wire.




Accuracy:± 1%

Ambient temperature:- 20 桫 + 100

Linear resistance excitation:1500hz

Impedance:250 Ω ± 50 Ω

Linearity:± 1.5% of effective full range

Relative humidity:≤ 90%

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