Dongfang yoyik supply coarse filter JLX-75

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                                Dongfang yoyik supply filter JLX-75

The coarse filter JLX-75is usually placed on the suction end of the fuel pump, which requires low resistance due to the low suction pressure. The main task of the coarse filter element is to protect the oil pump and reduce the burden on the fine filter element (if installed). The coarse filter element generally has a rated filtration accuracy of 10-30 microns (microns).


Product advantages:

1. Imported filter material, better air permeability, more accurate filtration accuracy and longer service life

2. Standardized production, strictly control every department of product production

3. Thickened end cap skeleton, tight structure and strong pressure resistance

4. Acid resistance, fire resistance and high temperature resistance



1. The filter element is the core component of the filter. It is made of special materials and is a vulnerable part that requires special maintenance and maintenance;

2. When the filter has been working for a long time, the filter element in it has blocked a certain amount of impurities, which will cause an increase in pressure and a decrease in flow rate, and it needs to be cleaned in time;


3. When cleaning, be careful not to deform or damage the filter element.

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