Dongfang yoyik EH air breather BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2)

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                 Dongfang yoyik EH air breather BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2)

The EH air breather BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2) mainly used in the fields of pneumatic machinery and internal combustion engines. Their role is to provide clean air for these mechanical equipment to prevent these mechanical equipment from inhaling air with impurity particles during work and increasing the probability of abrasion and damage. The air filter has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and continuous use for a long time.

Installation and use:

1. When installing, the air filter and the engine intake pipe must be tight and reliable to prevent air leakage. Rubber gaskets must be installed on both ends of the filter element.

2. During maintenance, the paper filter element must not be cleaned in oil, otherwise the paper filter element will fail; for the coarse filter part, the dust in the dust collecting part, blades and cyclone pipe should be removed in time.

3. When in use, prevent the air filter from getting wet by rain.



1. The filter element is the core component of the filter. It is made of special materials and is a vulnerable part that requires special maintenance and maintenance;

2. When the filter has been working for a long time, the filter element in it has blocked a certain amount of impurities, which will cause an increase in pressure and a decrease in flow rate, and it needs to be cleaned in time;


3. When cleaning, be careful not to deform or damage the filter element.

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