TANK-TRAPPERS CUBI-630 supplied by Dongfang yoyik

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             TANK-TRAPPERS CUBI-630 supplied by Dongfang yoyik


Rod type magnetic filter is also known as TANK-TRAPPERS. It is a magnetic oil filter that uses the principle of magnetization to filter out ferromagnetic pollutants in the tank fluid.


It has novel design, advanced structure, excellent performance, strong adsorption, good online cleaning, unlimited service life, etc.


Working principle:

The rod-type magnetic filter is a combination of permanent magnetic material with high coercivity, that is, high magnetic field strength, and antiferromagnetic material, and its outer cover is a stainless steel sleeve. Designed as a highly efficient repulsive arrangement periodic magnetic field on the magnetic circuit, with a high constant magnetic field strength.


Technical performance:

1. Applicable medium: Mineral oil, water-in-oil, emulsion, water-glycol and synthetic phosphate ester liquid, etc.

2. Applicable temperature: -20-+100

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Cables TM0181-A45-B01
Rotation Speed Probe CS-3-M10*1 L=130
steam turbine bolt heater 
High Resistance Magnetoresistive Sensor CS-1(G-090-03-01)
Signal Converter 
Governor Cabinet Frequency Meter SFB-4003
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1E-01
Rotation Speed Gauge HZQW-03H
Pressure Switch ST307-150-B
Excitation Regulator IO Card
Invensys switchboard P0973JN
Bolt Electric Heater
LVDT Position Sensor HTD-150-6
Ultrasonic liquid level meter LU83-5101
Pressure Switch 
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1E-11