Special Rubber Bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH for steam turbine

Date:2020-9-1 11:50:06 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

The bladder of the accumulator is flexible and can be used to store the compressed inert gas. The top of the accumulator generally uses a large opening structure to facilitate the replacement of the bladder.


Bladder volume: 0.4 ~ 160L

Bladder length: 74 ~ 2150 mm

Making material: NBR, butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, fluororubber


Working medium:

Inside: nitrogen

Outside: hydraulic oil, mineral oil, fire-resistant oil, water, emulsion, fuel, etc.


The accumulator of fire-resistant oil system is divided into high-pressure accumulator and low-pressure accumulator. The high-pressure accumulator is installed on the high-pressure oil main pipe beside the oil tank, and the low-pressure accumulator is installed on the pressurized oil return pipeline.


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YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :

vacuum pump seperatorsealing P-1753

Axle pump PVH131QIC-RSF-13S-11-C25-31

Three screw pump 3GR50*2 JB/T10886

pressure Regulating valve 0125ZMAW16BQ13UNOERH

EH oil pump F3-V10-IS6S-1C-20

sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40


Switch HKPP12-30

Gasket HZB253-640-02-07 part no.:46

sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40

nut seal sleeve FK5G32AM-03-06

cover plate CVCS-32-D3-B29-10

Suction valve W204856-TFE, W207782-PVC , W207783-PVC

solenoid valve 4659D78001

piston pump PVH98QIC-RSF-1S-10-C25-31

Coupling spring 1600012B925-3



sealing gasket HZB253-640-03-06

mannual bellows globe valve 80FJ1.6P

Angular contact ball bearing NDE 7319 BECB

Emergency pump oil seal HSNH210-54

piston pump PV29-2L-5D-C00

thrust collar nut FK5G32-03-11


O-ring 2 1-75-33277-189