yoyik brand new jacking oil system back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450

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  The jacking oil system is used to provide high-pressure lubricating oil to the rotor bearing of steam turbine generator unit to reduce the torque of turning gear during start-up and operation. Prevent the turning gear running or the turbine rotor rotating at low speed, which is not enough to cause mechanical friction of Babbitt liner of journal when the rotor bearing establishes oil wedge. It is mainly composed of motor, high-pressure oil pump, automatic backwash filter, double cylinder filter, pressure switch, check valve and throttle valve, as well as stainless steel pipes and accessories. The device adopts a container structure, which is convenient for on-site installation and maintenance.

jacking oil system back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450
The automatic backwash filter device is composed of cylinder block and filter element. The filter element is composed of integrated bypass valve, jacking oil system back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450, grid frame and sewage discharge mechanism, which is vertically placed in the cylinder body. The device adopts a new type of backwashing mechanism, which uses the hydraulic energy of the lubricating oil system to drive the sewage discharge mechanism to continuously and automatically wash off the dirt accumulated on the filter screen and keep the flow area of the filter core constant. In addition, the working process does not affect the internal pressure, flow and temperature of the system. It has the advantages of high filtering accuracy, large amount of oil filtration, low pressure loss, no need for special operation and less maintenance. It also has an integrated bypass valve safety system, which will not cause insufficient oil supply due to the device's own fault.
jacking oil system back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450jacking oil system back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450
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