Dongfang yoyik supply servo valve 761K4122

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Dongfang yoyik supply servo valve 761K4122 

The servo valve 761K4122 can be used as three way and four way throttling flow control valves, and the control performance is better when used for four way valves. The series valve is a high performance two stage electro-hydraulic servo valve. The rated flow rate is 4L/min to 63L/min at rated pressure drop of 7Mpa.


parameter characteristics:

And the guidance pressure is 210 bar

Resolution < 0.5%

Magnetic hysteresis < 3%

Working pressure: 315 bar

Frequency response: 90 ~ 180 Hz (+/-10% signal, -3db)

Step response: 6 ~ 9 msec


Working principle:

The input of a current command signal to the torque motor's coil will produce electromagnetic force acting on both ends of the armature, thus the armature will deflect the baffle in the spring tube. The deflection of the baffle will reduce the flow rate of a nozzle, and then change the pressure on the spool which is communicated with the nozzle to push the spool to move toward one side.


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