Dongfang yoyik PT 100 Temperature Sensors WZPM2-001

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                      Dongfang yoyik PT 100 Temperature Sensors WZPM2-001

The sensor temperature WZPM2-001 (pt100) is suitable for measuring the surface temperature of steam turbine, motor bearing bush or other body in power plant. Some end face thermistor is installed because the resistance element is connected, so it is necessary to connect the lead wire and the station to ensure that the end thermal resistance will not be installed in the installation process, but this situation will inevitably occur in the actual installation process. Because of this situation, our company has increased our research efforts to develop a special end thermal resistor. When installing this kind of thermal resistor, we only need to screw the screw at the outer end, and there is no need for the lead wire to rotate synchronously with the end thermal resistance.


1. The end of the temperature measuring head is a piece of insulating material with arc-shaped platinum, which is very smooth, which can reduce the friction with the object to be measured, and the temperature measuring element is installed in the insulating material.

2. The probe is suitable for measuring the temperature of the outer wall of various cylinders and drums, such as smooth metal bodies, rubber, plastics, etc.

3. The use period is extended, the installation is convenient and the oil does not leak, which effectively solves the early thermoelectricity.


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