YOYIK provide Solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A in stock

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               YOYIK provide Solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A in stock

Solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A. There is a closed cavity in the solenoid valve, and there are through holes in different positions, each hole is connected to a different oil pipe, the middle of the cavity is a piston, two sides are two electromagnets, which side of the magnet coil is energized, the valve body will be attracted to Which side, by controlling the movement of the valve body to open or close different oil drain holes, and the oil inlet hole is normally open, hydraulic oil will enter different oil drain pipes, and then use the pressure of the oil to push the piston of the cylinder, piston It also drives the piston rod, which drives the mechanical device. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet.

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pressure hose SMS-12-305mm-B

non-return valve S10P5.0

stainless steel bellows globe valve WJ50F1.6P

AST solenoid valve AM-501-1-0148


globe valve HY-SHV16.02Z


servo valve J761-004

overspeed protection solenoid valve R900944371

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Guide bearing 125LY-23

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Temperature control valve PN16, DN25, KVSS.5

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