Carbon brush 25.4*38.1*102 use for power plant units

Date:2020/2/28 8:49:55 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

  Carbon brush 25.4*38.1*102, also known as brush, is widely used in many electrical equipment as a sliding contact. Carbon brushes are mainly graphite, dipped graphite and metal (copper, silver) graphite. A carbon brush is a device for transmitting energy or signals between a fixed part and a rotating part of an electric motor or generator or other rotating machinery. It is usually made of pure carbon and coagulant. Its shape is usually square, stuck on a metal bracket, and it is tightly pressed on a rotating shaft by a spring. When the motor rotates, it passes electric energy through a commutator. To the coil, because its main component is carbon, called carbon brush, it is easy to wear. Regular maintenance and replacement should be carried out and carbon deposition should be cleared.

Carbon brush NCC634 25.4*38.1*102

Carbon brush 25.4*38.1*102 is suitable for all kinds of motors, generators and axle machines. It has better commutation performance and long service life. Carbon brush is used on the commutator or slip ring of the motor. As a sliding contact, it has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and lubricity, and has certain mechanical strength and commutative spark instinct. Almost all motors use carbon brush, which is an important part of the motor. It is widely used in various AC and DC generators, synchronous motors, battery DC motors, crane motor collector rings, various types of welding machines and so on.
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