High Resistance Probe CS-1(G-100-02-01) made by yoyik

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The non-electrical physical quantities such as displacement, force, pressure, acceleration and torque are converted into sensors with varying resistance values. It mainly includes resistance strain sensor, potentiometer sensor (see displacement sensor) and manganese-copper piezoresistive sensor. Resistance sensors and corresponding measuring circuits consist of force, pressure, weighing, displacement, acceleration, torque and other measuring instruments, which are indispensable tools for automatic weighing, process detection and production process automation in metallurgical, electric power, transportation, petrochemical, commercial, biomedical and national defense departments.

High Resistance Probe CS-1(G-100-02-01)

Metals have a certain resistance, and the value of resistance varies with the type of metal. The thinner or thinner the same material, the greater the resistance. When the external force is applied, the resistance increases if the metal becomes finer and longer, and decreases if the metal becomes thicker and shorter. If a metal resistor is installed on the strained object, when the object expands, the metal body also expands in a certain proportion, so the resistance value changes accordingly.
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