yoyik made level switch OWK-1G for power plant

Date:2020/2/18 8:23:32 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 level switch OWK-1G, also known as water level switch, liquid level sensor, as the name suggests, is used to control liquid level switch. Form is mainly divided into contact and non-contact. The common non-contact switch has capacitive liquid level switch, and the contact type floating ball type liquid level switch is the most widely used. The electrode type liquid level switch, the electronic liquid level switch and the capacitive liquid level switch can also be realized by the contact type method.

level switch OWK-1G

The level switch OWK-1G is a microswitch used for contact output. When the angle above the horizontal plane is above 28 degrees, the steel ball in the floating ball level switch will roll to the micro switch or out of the micro switch, so that the contact signal of the liquid level switch ON or OFF will be output.
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