bellows globe valve (welded) WJ20F1.6P made by yoyik

Date:2020-2-7 9:00:48 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 bellows globe valve (welded) WJ20F1.6P is also called bellows sealing globe valve. Through automatic rolling welding, a metal barrier is formed between the fluid medium and the atmosphere to ensure the zero leakage design of the valve stem.


Bellows are used inside bellows globe valve (welded) WJ20F1.6P, and stainless steel bellows are welded on the stem to prevent process fluid from eroding the stem. The other end is placed between the valve body and the valve cover to form a static seal. Double sealing design can also avoid leakage if the corrugated pipe fails to fill the valve stem. The corrugated pipe is welded to the valve stem to maintain stable operation performance and avoid the vibration of the valve stem caused by the vibration of the valve plug. Most suitable for steam, flammable, explosive, heat conducting oil, high purity, toxic and other media pipelines.

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