Yoyik supply mechanical seal for three-screw pump HSNH210-36

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Yoyik supply mechanical seal for three-screw pump HSNH210-36

HSN series three-screw pump is kind of displacement type low pressure rotor pump with favorable suction capacity. It is applicable to convey various liquid mediums which have lubricating property and do not contain
impurities like solid particles, including fuel oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil, steam turbine oil and heavy oil.
Viscosity scope of 3~760 mmP2P/s, conveying pressure ≤4.0Mpa, medium temperature ≤150¡æ

The reason why both ends of the mechanical seal are required to have high brightness and flatness is to provide conditions for the end faces to adhere and make the specific pressure uniform. This is a relatively rotary seal. Because some oil-water mixtures or acid-corrosive substances often bring a certain degree of corrosion to the pump valve, whether the seal ring is in good condition is a good protection for the safety of the project and the integrity of the machine. Once the seal ring is damaged, it should be replaced immediately regardless of the degree.

Flow range£º5-5300L/min
Operating pressure£º≤4.0Mpa
Required speed£º500-3000r/min
Viscosity range £º3-1500 mm²/s
Service temperature£º0-150¡æ
Allowed suction£º≤8m


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servo valve    072-1202-10

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bellows globe valve (welded)      WJ40F1.6P

stainless steel globe valve (flange)     65FJ-1.6PA2

EH oil Circulating pump      02-125801-3

Check valve   216C100

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AST solenoid valve       ZD.02.004

servo valve    072-559A

Check valve   216C15

EH oil Circulating pump      02-125801-3

globe check valve (welded)  JC40-1.6P

safety valve    3.5A25

stainless steel globe valve (Butt welding)   DFJ65-1.6P

EH oil feeder 

bellows globe valve (flange) 50FWJ1.6P

Mechanical seal    LTJ100