grey insulating varnish 1361 produced by yoyik

Date:2020-1-16 14:45:28 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

1361 grey enamel paint is a mixture of insulating paint and filler, which is used to cover the surface of hydrogenerators, motor rotors and electrical appliances. Heat-resistant grade F. It has good dielectric properties and mildew resistance, and low drying temperature. It is suitable for covering coils of motor and electrical appliances in warm and tropical zone.

grey insulating varnish 1361

The paint film of 1361 grey enamel paint is tough, smooth, oil-resistant and electricity-resistant, and has excellent arc resistance, dryness, insulation, mildew resistance and moisture resistance. It is used for covering stator and coil of motor and electrical appliances and surface modification of various parts.

grey insulating varnish 1361

The eries of products are:

Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1
surface Sealant DE82-2
PET sleeve fiberglass strip φ10
epoxy Paulownia glass powder mica foil 5440-1
generator glass cloth Adhesive tape 
generator EC-847 Adhesive 
alkali-free fiberglass tape ET100
PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 
Polyester fiberglass tape 0.15*25 
slot wedge & strip assembly
rotor slot wedge assembly 
aluminum bronze slot wedge orging-blank 
slot wedge Corrugated strip 
insulating tube 
insulating sleeve
bearing insulating Resistance measuring terminal assembly