Dongfang yoyik supply three-screw pump HSA210-36

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Dongfang yoyik supply three-screw pump HSA210-36

HSA three-screw pump has long service life, reliable operation; wear surface, anti-seizure and high performance.


Flow: 10-880L/min

Operating pressure:≤1.6MPa

Speed: 950-3000r/min

Working temperature: 0-150íŠ

Viscosity: 3-1500mm2/s

Suction height: ≤8m


High performance, substitute import, win import: 1 material combination is better; 2 reasonable inlet flow rate design to ensure stable fluid flow during high speed operation; 3 combination of import and export multi-direction, adapt to design and site needs; 4 simple and perfect structure The service system fully guarantees the user's good use on site; due to the simplified design of the structure, it is very convenient to install, disassemble and maintain; the supply of various forms can be supplied by the whole machine, and the pump head can be supplied for more flexible satisfaction.

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing spare parts of power plants. Our products have high quality assurance in the industry.

Coil for Solenoid valve      BEST N0.0210

16 DO card       ADAM-5056S

Fuse 6.6kV        XRNM1-7.2/80

Floating Bearing Outer Cap     Nash TC-42, 115

Rotor        Nash TC-38, 110

PET sleeve fiberglass strip       φ10



Filter Element    


alkali-free fiberglass tape        ET100

RTD (Pt-100)    WZPM2-001

slot wedge & strip assembly   


Dual Channel RTD   WZPM2-001

RTD (Pt-100)    WZPM2-001

Coil          1240 - 220V


Tep. Metter     BWR-906 L9

Hydraulic hose          35MPa, 20mm

LVDT         150mm and 0-10V output


BALLUF    BTL027W BTL5-E10-M0050-P-S32