barring gear solenoid valve 23D-63B supply by yoyik

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When the turning device is put into operation automatically, press the "start" button, the top shaft oil pump starts, the rotor is lifted, the barring gear solenoid valve 23D-63B opens to supply oil to the sliding valve, the solenoid coil is charged, the pull rod is pulled up, the sliding valve rod moves upward by 15 mm, the lubricant flows to the piston of the oil engine through the staggered oil port of the sliding valve, and the piston pushes the piston rod downward to buckle, so as to make it circle and pull Rotary rod shaft, through the roller on the rod shaft to make the drive gear move in the direction of meshing, the locomotive motor in accordance with the automatic operation procedures, so that the drive gear and the big gear on the rotor mesh, to be fully meshed, the handbar contacts the stroke switch, the motor circuit is fully connected, the locomotive starts. At the same time, the solenoid valve is cut off, the sliding valve of the oil engine is moved down, the pressure oil on the piston of the oil engine is released, and the lower spring of the piston of the oil engine is reset, so that the piston pulls the piston rod back.

barring gear solenoid valve 23D-63Bbarring gear solenoid valve 23D-63B

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