accumulator bladder NXQAB-40/31.5-2-A offer by yoyik

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The accumulator bladder NXQAB-40/31.5-2-A is used as an accumulator through a vulcanized vacuum valve that can be installed or removed at the end of the lifting valve. When the airbag is fully enlarged, the lifting valve closes in. Such a design prevents the balloon from being squeezed into the passage. A shock absorber holder protects the lifting valve from accidental vibration and rapid opening. Compared with other accumulators, the biggest advantage of the accumulator is that the gas and oil are completely separated. The balloon inertia is small and flexible. It can absorb shock pressure and pulsating pressure.

accumulator bladder NXQAB-40/31.5-2-Aaccumulator bladder NXQAB-40/31.5-2-A

Hydraulic pump provides oil to accumulator and deforms air bag. With the increase of pressure, the air flow rate decreases. This results in hydraulic energy storage. If the hydraulic system needs to increase the hydraulic oil, the accumulator will discharge the hydraulic oil under the pressure of gas expansion to supplement the circulation supply.


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