Dongfang yoyik supply three-screw pump HSA280-46

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Dongfang yoyik supply three-screw pump HSA280-46


HSA three-screw pump has long service life, reliable operation; wear surface, anti-seizure and high performance.


Performance parameters:

Flow: 10-880L/min

Operating pressure:≤1.6MPa

Speed: 950-3000r/min

Working temperature: 0-150íŠ

Viscosity: 3-1500mm2/s

Suction height: ≤8m



The axial low pressure balance is adopted in the form of double sleeve, the main and driven screws are in the tension state during operation, so the screw is not easy to be deformed, and the driven screw is reduced in friction and better rotating work; the product is high-grade and the appearance is exquisite. Precision parts: 1 Most parts are made of aluminum alloy, precision die-casting; 2 self-corrosion, paint-free, beautiful, and can upgrade the grade of the unit; 3 innovative structural design, simplifying the overall design while meeting performance requirements The structure is simple and compact; the body size is small, the weight is light, the volume is 1/2 of the conventional product, and the weight is 1/3 of the conventional product;


HSA series products can transport all kinds of media with lubricity and no solid particles, mainly conveying lubricant (oil) media, such as lubricating oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, etc. While meeting the requirements of the original three-screw pump, it can also meet the conditions of high-rotation and low-viscosity conditions, and is suitable for machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel, shipbuilding and other industries.

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Armored Thermocouple WREK2-294

Electro-hydraulic converter SVA9

LVDT 150mm and 0-10V output

Sensor Speed Transmitter SZCB-01-B01

RTD (Pt-100) WZPK2-343

BALLUF BTL027W BTL5-E10-M0050-P-S32


turbine speed DF9011 Pro

Dual Channel RTD WZPM2-001

Cable for probe CWY 3M

Card for controller A-A/D Card U11



Micro switch E19-00A

Propeller U23613G1106Y00 GU15236-02


Dual Channel RTD WZPM2-001

Transducer LJB1-1A/10V

LVDT HTD-150-3

Fuse FD20GC100V40T CC1051