Dongfang yoyik supply Gas turbine cleaning agent ZOK27

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Dongfang yoyik supply Gas turbine cleaning agent ZOK27

The Gas turbine cleaning agent ZOK27, which has 25L/barrel and 210L/barrel. Users can choose different packaging according to the use of the site. This cleaning solution is suitable for gas turbine units.


The Gas turbine cleaning agent ZOK27 is suitable for all types of gas turbines and is a necessary product for compressor manufacturers and gas turbine users. It can be cleaned online and offline, with strong cleaning and anti-corrosion. It contains unique corrosion inhibitor and biodegradable. It is an efficient, fast and environmentally friendly cleaning agent. The use of ZOK27 gas turbine cleaner can greatly extend the life of the compressor and reduce operating costs.




1.Suitable for power plants, offshore drilling platforms, aircraft and industrial gas turbines

2.Widely used in all types of gas turbine engines worldwide

3.Fully meet internationally recognized requirements for all types of demanding gas turbines and standards.



high strength insulating box J0911

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RTV epoxy dipping adhesive    792

Polyester air-drying red insulating varnish      188

Thermal power filling adhesive        HDJ-14

PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 

grease gun hose      SPK-2C

slot Sealant      892

grease gun hose      

insulating clear varnish   H31-2

grease gun hose      SPK-2C

Room temperature epoxy adhesive         841

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brushing dipping adhesive       HDJ-138

epoxy RTV adhesive         HDJ-102

Steel plate paper     No.40

insulating filling adhesive         J9701 AB

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oil proof rubber board      3707

RTV adhesive   J1102

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insulating box filling adhesive 135

COPALTITE Sealant Cement/Liquid 5 OZ

Low resistance Anticorona tape      51612

epoxy grey insulating varnish  J1338