Best selling YOYIK globe valve SHV6.4

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Best selling YOYIK globe valve SHV6.4

The Features of Globe valve SHV6.4:

1. The product structure is reasonable, the sealing performance is reliable, the valve body has no leakage, and it is safe to use in high-risk medium.

2, sealing surface surfacing Co-based hard alloy, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-friction performance, long service life;

3. Stem quenching and nitriding treatment, good corrosion resistance and anti-friction performance;

4. The outer seal of the valve is sealed with bellows and sealed with graphite and stainless steel gaskets. The seal is reliable. It can be replaced without long-term use.

5, the stem lift position indication, more intuitive;

6, part material, flange and butt welding number size can be selected according to actual working conditions or user requirements, to meet various engineering needs.

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Best selling YOYIK globe valve SHV6.4

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