lube filter 2-5685-0154-99 supply by yoyik

Date:2019/8/16 9:25:39 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

lube filter 2-5685-0154-99, the internal space is more fully used, to eliminate the space waste of the traditional side-in type, open the top cover can quickly and easily replace the filter bag, unlike the traditional side-in type to take out the filter bag tightly pressed ring can be replaced, reducing the chance of secondary pollution liquid inlet pipeline wide and smooth, the top cover internal horn type, liquid After entering the body, the body can automatically separate the pressure, and the impact on the filter bag is small, and the filtration is faster and more stable.

lube filter 2-5685-0154-99

The lubricating oil used in the lubrication process must be pure and free of impurities, otherwise it will seriously endanger the machine, such as brushing the friction surface, stuck and plugging the lubricating passage, etc. Therefore, the filter device must be used to filter out the impurities suspended in the oil. Generally, filtration devices use a variety of porous objects, diaphragms, or the density of oil and impurities are different and use centrifugal force to separate. The filter materials used include cotton cloth, felt, metal mesh and metal sheet with holes.

lube filter 2-5685-0154-99