YOYIK RTV Silicon steel sheets adhesive 0705

Date:2019/8/8 16:22:12 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

RTV Silicon steel sheets adhesive 0705 is suitable for brushing and bonding between silicon steel sheets of stator core of high voltage large generator during lamination process. It can also be coated on the end of the core after lamination. Through the penetration of the glue, the silicon steel sheet of the stator core of the motor can be bonded into a whole to prevent the silicon steel sheet from loosening.

Test method:
Appearance: Observe and evaluate with naked eye.
Specific gravity: Measured by liquid hydrometer.
Viscosity: 4 # viscosity cup, at 23튱1íŠ.
Bond strength: According to ISO4587 method.
Packaging and Storage:
From the date of manufacture, the storage period is 6 months at room temperature, and it can continue to be used after the storage period has passed the inspection. Storage tips: Care should be taken to keep away from heat sources, fire sources and oxidizing materials.
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