Silicon rubber surface Sealant Loctite 587 by yoyik

Date:2019-8-5 17:02:16 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Silicon rubber surface Sealant Loctite 587 is a one-component silicone rubber adhesive which is easy to vulcanize at room temperature. It can also be used as gasket material for high temperature. 587 silicone rubber RTV has good flexibility in deoxime curing, high elongation, good lubricant resistance . The maximum filling clearance is 6 mm.

Product Uses:
587 glue is suitable for factory maintenance and small, medium and large-scale OEM gasket and sealing operations. As a field forming sealant, 587 product design has excellent performance in typical automobile gasket application operations, including valve cover, rocker cover, oil bearing pan, water pump, end seal, intake manifold and rear axle outer cover. Adhesive is very suitable for bonding and assembling silicone gasket. Repair operation, the product is usually applied to work temperature up to 870 C, has good sealing performance, and has good temperature, pressure, sealing medium characteristics, easy to use, often used in mechanical and electrical products between static joints, as well as joints of more complex threads and other seals.
Do not use 587 products in carburetors or fuel control devices that are in frequent contact with hydrocarbon fuels. The product material will expand excessively and lose its mechanical properties. For high concentration acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or sulfuric acid solution, do not use 587 product as sealant.
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