Dongfang yoyik supply Polyester air-drying red insulating varnish 188

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     Dongfang yoyik supply Polyester air-drying red insulating varnish 188

Polyester air-drying red insulating varnish 188 has a heat resistance rating of Class H. The paint film is hard, fast drying, good adhesion and excellent electrical properties. Suitable for coil coating of traction motors and coating of heat-resistant insulation parts.


1. The surface of the workpiece must be treated before painting to achieve rust-free, oil-free, dust-free and dry.

2. It can be dried at room temperature, can also barbecue 60-80 degrees, 45 minutes.

3. There are dip, spray, selective spray and brush selection, the thickness of the coating is affected by four factors: the nature of the paint, temperature, pressure and the design of the device.


Precautionary statements: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If in contact with the eyes: Carefully rinse repeatedly with water. If it is convenient to wear contact lenses, remove the contact lenses and continue to rinse the eyes. If in contact with skin: Rinse with soap and warm water.


Storage environment:

From the date of manufacture, the storage period is 6 months at room temperature; after the storage period has passed the inspection, it can still be used. Storage Tip: Be careful and keep away from heat and fire. Store separately from oxidizing materials.

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