Cleaning agent DQ-50 by yoyik

Date:2019-7-22 15:56:48 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Cleaning agent DQ-50 is a non-irritating cleaner, with low surface tension, low viscosity and other characteristics. Excellent permeability, can effectively clean various materials of electrical equipment, unique natural dryness, very suitable for thermal power, hydropower maintenance site cleaning.

Product Characteristic
1. Strong cleaning ability, can quickly penetrate, dissolve and peel off oil pollution, good cleaning effect.
2. Performance index is better than ordinary DQ-25 cleaning agent.
3. It can completely volatilize, leaving no residue and condensation water vapor after volatilization.
4. Safe to use, safe and harmless to metals and most coatings, insulating coatings, rubber and plastics.
Scope of application
It is suitable for cleaning motors, generators, stators, rotors, terminals, substation equipment, distribution room equipment, large solenoid valves, automatic switches, welding machines and all kinds of electrical equipment.
Usage method
Spray washing or soaking can be used. When spraying, it is necessary to use 4-6kgf/2 compressed dry air to blow away dust, iron powder and other impurities, and then spray with a special spray gun to inhale cleaning agent. Repeated spraying is required for equipment with particularly serious dirt. After cleaning, it should be dried quickly. Dry air can be used to blow dry, which can help the detergent volatilize quickly. For small electrical equipment or parts, they can be directly immersed in water for several minutes before being pulled out.
1. It is unsuitable to clean the abnormal heating site and serious dirt with electricity.
2. It is not suitable for solvent-resistant plastic parts or precision instruments.
3. The use environment should be well ventilated and away from fire sources.
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