Anti-corona varnish 1234 supplied by yoyik

Date:2019/7/2 16:35:22 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Anti-corona varnish 1234 can be dried at room temperature, with strong adhesion, good adhesion, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength and hardness, and excellent electrostatic conductivity after film formation.

The paint is suitable for corona-proof coating of large high-voltage motor, turbogenerator, hydroelectric generator stator coil or linear part of wire rod, and spraying corona-proof coating of iron core groove.
It is also suitable for conducting coating of electrostatic electricity of electrical appliances.
Before using the paint, the original paint must be stirred evenly, and the paint can be painted by spraying and brushing.
Packaging and Storage
From the date of manufacture, the storage period is 12 months at room temperature, and it can continue to be used after the storage period has passed the inspection. 
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