LVDT Position Sensor 3000TDGN use for power plant

Date:2019-6-25 16:36:48 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

LVDT Position Sensor 3000TDGN can be used to measure the elongation, vibration frequency, amplitude, thickness and expansion of the object. Specifically, it can also be used in positioning machine tools and hydraulic cylinders, as well as the control of roll gap and valves.

LVDT Position Sensor 3000TDGN

Because there is no friction and contact between LVDT coil and its core, no wear will occur. In this way, the mechanical life of LVDT is theoretically infinite. In the application of fatigue testing of materials and structures, this is a very important technical requirement. In addition, infinite mechanical life is equally important for high reliability mechanical devices in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and important industrial equipment. Therefore, LVDT is widely used in Aeroengine Digital control system to measure and control accurately the displacement of throttle rod, needle, guide vane and nozzle.

LVDT Position Sensor 3000TDGN

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