Generator coating sealant sealing adhesive HDJ750-2

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Generator coating sealant sealing adhesive HDJ750-2

HDJ750-2 sealant  sealing adhesive is a semi-liquid flat coating sealant specially designed for Harbin Unit. HDJ750-2 sealant is suitable for 200MW,300MW and 600MW power plant generator end caps.

Generator coating sealant sealing adhesive HDJ750-2

HDJ750-2 sealant  sealing adhesive  is characterized by good sealing performance, stable operation, less leakage, low collision power consumption, long operation period, and can also meet the sealing requirements of various generators in operation.


HDJ750-2 sealant  sealing adhesive is suitable for sealing end caps of generators, mechanical and electrical equipment, box caps for kneading systems, accelerators, pumps and valves, oil marks and oil windows, various flange joints and flange face seals.

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