Rotation Speed Probe CS-02 manufacture by yoyik

Date:2019-6-21 11:20:47 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

The Rotation Speed Probe CS-02 is made of magnetorheological resistor and a new type of speed sensor. The core component is the use of magnetorheological resistor as a detection element, and then through a new signal processing circuit to reduce noise and function more perfect. By comparing with the output waveforms of other type tooth speed sensors, the error of the speed is very small and the linear characteristic has good consistency. The induction object is magnetic material or magnetic material, such as magnetic steel, iron and electrical steel. When the measured body has a magnetic or magnetic material with a convex (or sag), the sensor outputs pulse signals associated with the rotating frequency as the measured object rotates, so as to achieve the purpose of detecting speed or displacement.

Rotation Speed Probe CS-02

The Rotation Speed Probe CS-02 has the following characteristics:
1 high sensitivity, high reliability, long service life and long trigger distance.
2 signal triggers to iron (soft) magnetic materials
3, it can achieve long-distance transmission of strong electromagnetic interference resistance.
4 good impact resistance and seismic resistance

Rotation Speed Probe CS-02

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