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red insulating varnish 183 is a kind of coating with excellent electrical insulation. It has good electrochemical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, mostly varnish and coloured paint. Insulating varnish is a kind of special paint in lacquer. The insulating paint is an important insulating material which can be cured into an insulating film or an insulating whole under certain conditions on the basis of polymer.

red insulating varnish 183 is used to coat impregnated coils and insulating parts, forming a uniform thickness of insulating layer on the surface to prevent mechanical damage to equipment insulation and atmospheric and chemical corrosion, improve the surface insulation strength. Therefore, the coatings are required to have fast drying, strong adhesion, hard film, high mechanical strength, moisture resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The paint is divided into alkyd paint, epoxy paint and silicone paint according to the type of resin. Epoxy paint has better moisture resistance, mildew resistance, internal dryness and adhesion than alkyd paint. It has high film hardness and is widely used for surface coating of motor and electrical equipment parts in hot and humid areas.

red insulating varnish 183red insulating varnish 183

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