Room temp curing coating adhesive 56102 by Deyang yoyik

Date:2019/6/13 15:49:44 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Room temp curing coating adhesive 56102  is a two-component solvent-free adhesive with low viscosity epoxy and special curing agent as the main components.

Performance index
1Solid content:≥95%
2Curing time:≤24h
3Duration of application:≥30min
4Dielectric strength:≥18MV/m
potting adhesive for upper insulating box Y881
potting adhesive for lower insulating box Y882
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red insulating varnish 188
red insulating varnish thinner 233
room temp curing solvent-free varnish 841
insulating varnish 1032
alcohol acid coating varnish 1230
epoxy LR anti-corona varnish 1243
HRanti-corona varnish 1244
epoxy-ester air-dry varnish 9120
solvent-free fast-dry insulating varnish 11412
LR anti-corona varnish 1243 F-Grade
HR anti-corona varnish 1244 F-Grade
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HR anti-corona varnish 802-2
polyester-imide envelope varnish 8112 F-Grade
solvent-free insulating varnish 8904 F-Grade
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