insulating plate J0707 produced by yoyik

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insulating plate J0707, also known as insulating rubber pad, insulating pad, insulating gasket, insulating blanket. Insulation pads are widely used in substations, power plants, distribution rooms, laboratories and live field operations.

insulating plate DECJ0707

When rubber insulating material is used, there should be no harmful irregularity on the upper and lower surfaces of insulating plate J0707. The harmful irregularity of insulating cushion refers to one of the following characteristics, i.e. the defects of destroying uniformity and smooth surface profile, such as small holes, cracks, local uplifts, incisions, inclusions, conductive foreign bodies, folds, voids, concave-convex corrugates and casting marks. Harmless irregularity refers to the surface irregularity formed in the production process.

insulating plate DECJ0707 insulating plate DECJ0707

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