Features advantages of EH oil Precision filter element C9209033

Date:2019-5-15 18:15:10 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Features advantages of EH oil Precision filter element C9209033

The EH oil precision filter element C9209033 removes impurities from the filter media to protect the normal operation of the device or the cleanliness of the air. When the fluid passes through the filter with a certain precision in the filter, the impurities are blocked, and the cleaned flow flows out through the filter.

Features advantages:

1. Precision filter core permeability:

The filter element adopts a strong hydrophobic and oleophobic fiber filter material, and at the same time adopts a skeleton with good permeability and high strength to reduce the resistance caused by the passage.

2. precision filter efficiency:

The filter element adopts a fine opening sponge, which can effectively prevent the oil water from being entrained by the high-speed airflow, so that the fine oil droplets passing down are collected at the lower end of the filter sponge and discharged to the bottom of the filter container.

3. precision filter air tightness:

The sealing point of the filter element and the filter housing adopts a reliable sealing ring to ensure that the air flow is not short-circuited, and the impurities are prevented from directly entering the downstream without passing through the filter core.

4. precision filter core anti-corrosion:

The EH oil Precision filter element C9209033 is made of corrosion-resistant reinforced nylon end cap and anti-corrosion filter element skeleton, which can be used in harsh working conditions.

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