screw pump HSNH210-46A use for power plant

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screw pump HSNH210-46A, also known as "spiral water lifter", "Archimedes spiral pump". A pump that uses the rotation of the helical blade to make the water body spiral along the axis. The utility model is composed of a shaft, a helical blade and a shell. When pumping, the pump is placed in water obliquely, so that the inclination angle of the main shaft of the pump is less than that of the helical blade, and the lower end of the helical blade contacts with the water. When the prime mover drives the shaft of the screw pump to rotate through the transmission device, water enters the blade and rises along the spiral flow path until it flows out.

screw pump HSNH210-46A

The screw pump HSNH210-46A has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, large flow rate, small head loss, high efficiency, easy maintenance and maintenance, but it has low head and low speed, so it needs to be equipped with variable speed device. It is mostly used for irrigation, drainage, and lifting sewage, sludge and other occasions. China began to use it in the 1970s.

screw pump HSNH210-46A screw pump HSNH210-46A

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