Red epoxy Modified coating varnish EP5 for yoyik

Date:2019-4-30 16:22:24 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,
Red epoxy Modified coating varnish EP5  is suitable for damp-proof coating on the end insulation surface of stator winding (coil) of high voltage motor and spraying insulation on the surface of rotor pole.
Appearance: Uniform color, no foreign mechanical impurities, color is iron red.
Test method
Appearance: Observe and evaluate with naked eye.
Solid content: After mixing and stirring the product according to the requirements, 1.5-2g glue is added to the vessel to make it evenly distributed on the bottom of the vessel. After 30 minutes in air, the product is placed horizontally in an oven at 110 íŠ+2 íŠ C for 2 hours. After the sample is taken out, it is cooled to room temperature in the dryer and weighed.
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