LR anti-corona varnish 130 produced by yoyik

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Corona discharge is a kind of discharge phenomenon that blue halo is produced when air ionizes in the local space at the electric field intensity protrusion (e.g. the sharp point of the electrode) in the extremely inhomogeneous electric field.

LR anti-corona varnish 130

LR anti-corona varnish 130 is usually made of insulating varnish and powder of non-metallic conductors (carbon black, graphite, etc.). It is mainly used for high-voltage coils as corona-proof paint, such as coil ends with high voltage in large high-voltage motors. Many motor manufacturers apply anti-corona paint on the surface of stator and rotor windings by spraying after winding immersion and baking.

LR anti-corona varnish 130LR anti-corona varnish 130

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