sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40 supply by yoyik

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sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40 is a ball without support shaft, which is clamped by two seats in a "floating" state. It is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of media flow in the pipeline. Floating ball valves are characterized by seating design, reliable reverse sealing stem, fire and static function, automatic pressure relief and locking device.

sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40

sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40 regulates the amount of liquid supplied by controlling the liquid level. Full-liquid evaporator requires that the liquid level should be kept at a certain height, so it is generally suitable to use floating ball expansion valve. The working principle of float valve is to control the opening or closing of a valve by reducing and raising the float ball in the float chamber under the action of liquid level. The float chamber is placed on one side of the full-liquid evaporator, and the upper and lower balance tubes are connected with the evaporator, so the liquid level of the two evaporators is the same. When the liquid level in evaporator drops, the liquid level in the float chamber also drops, so the float ball drops. The valve openness increases and the liquid supply increases depending on the lever action. Vice versa.

sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40sealing oil floater tank float valve FY-40

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