Mechanical seal NM031BY01P05B for Deyang yoyik

Date:2019/3/29 14:44:00 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Mechanical seal NM031BY01P05B is based on elastic components (springs, bellows, etc.) and sealing liquid pressure in the relative movement of the dynamic ring and static ring contact surface (end face) to produce an appropriate pressure (specific pressure) so that two bright, flat end face close to each other; between the end face adhere to a very thin liquid film to achieve the sealing effect. The film has hydrodynamic pressure and static pressure, which balances the pressure and lubricates the end face. The reason why it is necessary for both ends to be highly bright and flat is to invent conditions for the end to fit and to make the specific pressure uniform, which is a relative rotary seal.

Because some oil-water mixtures or some acid-rotten substances often bring certain corrosiveness to the pump valve, whether the sealing ring is well done or not is a good protection for the safety of the project and the integrity of the machine. Once the sealing ring is damaged, it should be replaced immediately regardless of the degree.
Mechanical seal NM031BY01P05B
Mechanical seal BKM(FX)103055
Mechanical seal BKM79.4143A 
Mechanical seal BKMFX108A
Solenoid valve DBW10B-2-5X/100U6AG24NK4
Solenoid valve DBW10B-2-5X/315U6AG24NK4
Solenoid valve DBW30B-2-5X/100U6AG24NK4
Solenoid valve DH1-0631/2 220VDC
Proportional valve DHZO-TE-071-S5-40
Shaft sleeve  
Oil pump KF80RF1-D15||Z0004101
Skeleton sleeve NM031BY01P05B
Bearing NU222E.M1.C3
Electromagnetic pulse valve OPTIPOW105
Gear oil pump PFG-214/RO