Dongfang yoyik supply mechanical seal NM031BY01P05B

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     Dongfang yoyik supply mechanical seal NM031BY01P05B

The mechanical seal relies on elastic elements (tension springs, bellows, etc.) and sealing liquid pressure to exert a proper pressing force (comparative pressure) on the contact surface (end surface) of the moving ring and the stationary ring to make two bright lights, The straight end faces fit snugly; the end face adheres to a very thin liquid film to reach the seal. This membrane has hydrodynamic and static pressures that act to balance pressure and lubricate the end faces.


Mechanical seals are installed and removed in a certain order and must not be reversed.

Installation order

Rinse the sealed cavity before assembly. Wipe the end surface of the moving ring and the static ring with high-concentration alcohol and cotton wool. Wipe off other parts with gasoline. Apply a thin butter on the 0-ring. Switch: Start the cooling cycle system and start the main unit.


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