OPC solenoid valve Z2804076 for yoyik

Date:2019-3-18 14:07:56 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 OPC solenoid valve Z2804076 belongs to overspeed protection control solenoid valve. They are controlled by OPC part of DEH controller. In normal operation, these two solenoid valves are not electrified and normally closed, closing the oil release channel of OPC main pipe, enabling the lower piston chamber of the actuator of the regulating steam valve and reheat regulating steam valve to establish oil pressure. Once the OPC control board moves, for example, when the speed reaches 103% rated speed, the two solenoid valves are excited (electrified) to open and make the oil release from the OPC main pipe. In this way, the unloading valve on the corresponding actuator opens quickly, which makes the regulating valve and reheat regulating valve close quickly.

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