Sealant T25-66 suppiled by yoyik

Date:2019-3-6 15:52:45 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Sealant T25-66 is produced in Radiator Specialty Company, USA. It is mainly used for hydrogen sealing of end cap and excitation end of high capacity hydrogen-cooled turbogenerator units above 300 MW in thermal power generation, and for hydrogen sealing of generator outlet bushing.

Sealant T25-66

Product characteristics:
1. Non-toxic insulation, oil-resistant and temperature-resistant, inert to hydrogen, strong adhesion to metal, good sealing effect.
2. No shrinkage and no hardening. As a filler, it can seal all metal surfaces and effectively prevent leakage of gas or liquid medium.
3. Original American production, Westinghouse technical support.
4. No volatilization, no invalidation, permanent shelf life.
5. TiteSeal (T25-66) sealant is light in weight, and it is not affected by water, oil, gasoline, glycerin, steam, gas vapor and exhaust gas, and keeps sticky all the time.
6. After extreme temperature, it will not harden, keep effective seal, shock-proof, easy to disassemble and adjust during overhaul, prevent corrosion and "freezing" with metal parts, and the seal will not be changed by temperature.
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