Dongfang yoyik supply precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro spot in stock

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Dongfang yoyik supply original DF9011 Pro spot in stock

The precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro accepts an input signal from a magneto-electric speed, reluctance speed or eddy current sensor system to continuously measure and monitor the speed of the machine to protect the machine.

The precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro is a smart meter based on high-end DSP processor. Normal observation and basic setting operation can be completed through the instrument panel keyboard.


1. Standard panel mounted desktop metal chassis.

2. ABS face frame, flexible film panel.

3. Power supply: The instrument can work stably in the range of 85~265Vac input power; the rated power consumption is 15w.

4. Provide sensor working power; current amplitude 35ma.

5. & use environment: Temperature: -10 ~ 60 ° C.

DF9011 Pro

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